Rental Vehicles-FA4484‐04‐MN

Gılgamış provided leased light and heavy vehicles including all terrain vehicles at Al Asad Base in 2004. All vehicles and associated equipment were provided safely operable and met the safety standards. The vehicles met the intended functions and operations of like new condition and be in accordance with this PWS, the contract, and U.S., Host Nation, and local laws and regulations. The We hired and maintained an appropriate number of personnel in order to perform the requirements of this contract, regarding scheduled maintenance and othe contractual issues.

O-M Waste Water Treatment Plant- DAAA09‐02‐0007

Gılgamış provided operation and maintenance services for the management of the Waste Water Treatment Facility in Iraq in 2004. By the scope of the project we have provide all labor, supervision and engineering services in order to provide electrical and mechanical maintenance of the facility. Administrative services throughout the contract timelibe were provided by Gılgamış Construction as well.

Furniture Design, Delivery and Installation -M68450‐04‐M‐1912

Gılgamış provided interior design, delivery and installation services of furniture to U.S. forces under the contract # M68450‐04‐M‐1912 at Al Asad Base Iraq during the Operation Iraq Freedom .

Interior design services included a wide range of services, and are intended to assist users in project or office planning. Service included basic conversion of generic workstation & floor plans to brand-specific or comprehensive design services including development of adjacencies, workstation design & floor plans. Design/layout services included use of CAD/CAP systems for development of workstations, component lists for order placement, development of electrical, phone & cable plans & gneneration of color & installation plans. Based on the scope defined by the agency, We quoted a number of design hours at the hourly contract rate.

We also provided office furniture installation services which included product delivery coordination, unpacking, inspection of product for shipping damage, placement, set-up, assembly and leveling of product. We negotiated installation on a project-by-project basis,

Per scope we delivered tables and accessories which Included tables with wood, wood veneer, plastic laminate or tops of other decorative material such as stone, glass & leather. Some of the tables’ tops were  non-folding, folding, or flip-top tables, adjustable and non-adjustable height & other types of tables designed for executive & general office use such as conference, training, multi-purpose & occasional type tables. Also included are accessories such as wheel chair adapters, wire management capabilities, modesty panels and dollies & trucks for storing & transporting tables.

Filing and Storage Cabinets, Shelves, Mobile Carts, Dollies, Racks & Accessories were another catefory of furniture we delivered under this contract. The service  includes items such as vertical & lateral filing cabinets, multimedia storage cabinets, storage & shelving systems, wardrobes, overfiles, combination storage & wardrobe units, , open cabinet shells, open shelves, shelf files, bookcases, map & plan files, racks for hanging files or tape seals, mobile carts & dollies for the transportation of printouts/tapes/cassettes.

Construction Materials Supplies

The contract was issued by U.S. Military at Camp Al Asad in 2003 and Gılgamış was interested in fullfilling the requirement for the purchase and delivery of commercial construction supplies and equipment items. All items were delivered successfully in support of U.S. Military during Operation Iraq Freedom.