Gılgamış Construction offers industrial construction services to meet needs of the industries of different nature. It’s a fact that industrial construction requires various skills set that is more different than the other projects such as commercial or residential housing construction.  The industries of manufacturing has various different construction needs fort he intsallation and day-to-day operations and these facilities are more different than what we see in our cities. Gılgamış has all the required skills and experience to perform industrial projects.  In Turkey, Iraq and all Middle East, Gılgamış is the right address for your next industrial project.

If you are looking for a general contractor to conduct new construction, remodeling service sor repair service for your Food and Beverage Manufacturing or Bottling Facility, you can contact us without worries in order to get consultation for how we will help in the challenges. We are the right professionals to provide you general contracting, design-build construction, remodelling or repairs and maintenance services. Failures in the service of your manafacturing equipment may cause incredible damages to your employees as well as you career in the industry. The delays in the product deliveries may cause harsh damages to you reputation. For a quick, efficient, effective turnaround on your necessary construction and maintenance works, Gılgamış Construction has everything you could possibly hope for.

Gılgamış Construction offers all the industrial contractor services you need for turnkey construction solutions with a full pack of umbrella services.  From project management to design-engineering services, to interior and exterior  design services, we offer diversified services with expertise and efficiency to your next project. We provide quick and long lasting solutions for distribution centers and warehouse facilities. We have the most professional personnel and resources for agricultural plants. Our professionals have vast experience in feed, seed, grain and livestock facility construction. We offer such an outstanding set of commercial construction services to our clients that we assure the on time and budget delivery of the services. We keep your facility up and running, and ensure you won’t lose one minute of competitive edge.

Gılgamış supports the process of your production lines by streamlining the workflow and maximizing the capacity. We design the industrial facilities in a way that it increases the efficiency of the flow of the materials and machinery while maximizing the productive space. At the development stage, we conduct engineering surveys with our clients to understand needs and to find solutions to the issues. We are dedicated to listen our clients understand their expectations from the facility to be constructed. Gılgamış designs your facilities specifically to support the efficiency of your operations. We are capable of buildings that a support a range of systems and processes such as full-scale production lines, machiner and equipment, raw material processors, robotic systems, material handling equipment and conveyors as well as other automated storage systems. Our capabilities encompasses facilities from production and manufacturing to logistics and distribution centers. We have the best professionals and use the best methods while building systems and structures.  Additionally we are capable of building facilities from  the classic brick factories to modern day high-technology facilities using using a range of materials, technologies and project approaches.

General Contracting

As a general contractor, Gılgamış will be available as a single point of contact to the client from planning to completion. This close cooperation enables the experts to respond to the requirements quickly and flexibly.


Gilgamis offers design-build construction services for various projects in Iraq, Turkey and other Middle Eastern Countries.Expert in design-build construction, we have served in this role for companies, government agencies, military agencies and UN agencies.


Today, Gılgamış has a well-established planning office with a highly specialized personnel and implementation structure to provide the highest quality for your projects per the Standard requirements. Gılgamış has an in-house architecture and design capacity with specialists with experience in all design stages…

Gılgamış builds the industrial facilities with the best value approach. We offer distinctive team-oriented design-build approach which brings in value in the construction industry. Integrating engineering, architecture, construction and procurement, we create a single point where you can get as a full industrial service from start to finish.  Each part of the construction  can be embedied in each other which will lead to fast-track delivery and savings to the investors. We incorporate cost, schedules, expertise and pave the way for the success of your facilities. Gılgamış identifies the efficiency, factors on savings and potential solutions to the issues. For instance, your factory equipment or the manufacturing equipment can apply very heavy loads on the floor of the facility, walls and roof, literally the structure of your facility building. We collaborate with specialty contractors and client’s team to define the layout of your industrial operation, then design and build your facility to withstand the machinery and equipment as well as the operations which would create vibrations. Gılgamış offers smart building solutions.

Civil Works

We are highly experienced in foreseeing the problems and taking necessary precautions before they turn into burden over the budget of the project. We can review the issues with adequate time and evaluate the cost of the site issues before these issues cause the costs to double.

Waste Management

Gılgamış is highly experienced in the management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste management facilities. We have the right management professionals regarding waste water treatment facilities as well as domestic waste collection, disposal and incineration facilities.

Facility Support

Up to know we have succeeded in providing completing over various O&M contracts to U.S . Military and other government agencies during the Operation Iraq Freedom.Undertaking the responsibility of the projects, we have increased our expertise by adopting new experience into our system to provide full adaptation to the services with zero defects proudly since 2003.

Gılgamış offers the construction and development of efficient industrial facilities. We provide logistical, operational and energy efficiencies with design and construction. Our team evaluates how materials flow in, through, and out of your operation and designs a facility that maximizes logistical efficiency by supporting your workflow. We identify the building systems that fit your project budget and reduce your long-term operating costs, which can sometimes exceed construction costs. And we provide cost-effective solutions fitting best to your budget.