Wind Energy

Gılgamış offers development, engineering, procurement, operation and maintenance services for the wind farm projects. Furthermore, we have specialized team of engineers to investigate the issues such as availability and reliability matters  along with the issues (electrical generator performance, over-speed failure, composite materials, hydraulic leakage, tribology, etc ) related to the wind turbines in building up wind farms. Furthermore, our services encompasses ecological investigations, permits and endangered species as well as human health assessments.

Gılgamış coordinates with the electrical utilities in issues related to power generation, distribution and transmission controls.  We have the capacity needed fort he analysis of complex matters connected with the with turbine systems such as as special electrical generators, power electronic systems in control systems and electrical systems needed to interface to the electric power systems. Our electrical staff has expertise in both AC and DC transmission systems.

Gılgamış  is regularly  investigates  the design, materials, manufacturing, and operational issues involved in wind turbines and similar equipment and follow up the technological developments in order to keep up technological knowledge up to date.  Gılgamış has expertise in project development, procurement, construction, and operation and maintenance of the facilities along with the support throughout the lifetime of the wind turbines including the selection of potential sites, permitting and construction, long-term maintenance, monitoring and troubleshooting, and root-cause analysis when failures occur.

Gılgamış has all the required  skills and experience  in order to design, develop, build and operate a successful wind farm.  The professionals of Gılgamış has the right expertise  to choose sites and design  the project through the permitting stage, right up to the construction and operation of a generating wind farm. Gılgamış offers a turnkey full-pack service for your projects and assures  that the projects are designed to generate power at the most competitive prices with minimal impact on the local environment.

Obstruction of the wind by house or a tree of height (H)


Gılgamış has the in-house capacity to perform feasibility studies with its experts and Professional personnel while choosing the location of the wind farm to be build. We integrate the local environment and other factors to offer cost-effective solutions so that the project development and the entire construction phase will be more competitive.

Various matters involves while choosing the location of the wind farm to be build.  Environmental and social factors such as planning issues, environmental conditions and the distance to the dwellings as well as the technical, engineering and economical factors such as wind speeds, avaliable land, connection of the grid and the Access routes.

Our development teams consisting of expert engineers locate sites which pose the potentials required for the natüre of the projects. We then communicate with the local partners, secure land rights, power purchase agreements and provide consultation to the communities at the location in order to create awareness among them .  The integrated team of engineers also consult with the legal and financial experts for further assessments.


Gılgamış Construction has the Professional skills required  in order to support the development, construction, procurement, operation and maintenance of the wind farms.The Access routes to the farm location is assessed in oder to provide a good construction traffic for the equipment and machinery as well as the delivery of the materials. The transportation of the turbines is to be considered well that it won’t affect the public traffic routes. We determine the needs for the land which is required for the design and the infrastructure at the farm location. The design needs to be optimised and cost effective whilst taking into account development and environmental constraints. For each project we assign subject matter experts including türbine engineers who will provide a full communication.

The design of the SCADA system fort he farm and the systems for communications will provide the effective management and control fort he wind farm.  In order to manage a temperature dependent dynamic line rating along with the frequency, voltage and reactive power control, we have developed  our farm grid controller. We utilize expert controls over the selection and procurement of the turbines.


Gılgamış has to capacity to offer  turnkey wind farm construction services . Gılgamış design-build wind farm projects for our company and we can be a contractor for you to build your next wind farm project.  We have a cost effective approach in the construction phase that we consider each aspect of your investment in order to avoid any future failures.  Gılgamış utilizes industrial standards which we utilize in our construction procedures.  We have a promise to complete the projects on time and on the set budget. We consider any factor related to the energy industry that a close colloboration with the development and engineering teams is the best asset that we have throughout the projects which enables us to optimize the design and the construction of the of industrial-scale renewable energy projects. The construction of a wind farm typically takes between 6 and 12 months. It is our policy to use local contractors, for example for civil engineering works, wherever possible, but most commonly we utilize our own capabilities.


Gılgamış offers Professional services for the management of the wind farms. We provide the best maintenance programs by giving close attention to the detail and careful monitoring of the contracted work. We move with the international standards while maintenaing the wind turbines as well as the other facility equipment which will enable us to provide you cost effective solutions throughout the service that we provide.

It is essential for the performance and profitability of the projects that we offer a good operational and asset management for your wind farms. Gılgamış has in-house capacity to provide the required engineering and management personnel in order to keep your plant running.  Normally we manage our sites, however we may provide such service to other companies as well.  Especially, we provide a warranty period for the farms that we build which includes the operation and maintenance of all the equipment.

We commission and test the systems and follow up the performance of the wind turbines, keeping all the equipment functional and watch over the revenue power generation output at the highest levels. We also the records for the labour, spares and other consumables. Along with these aspects of our service, we also provide engineering service  to solve the site issues regarding the wind turbines and the components as well as the procurement of the right equipment and spares.