Gılgamış has Professional managers and engineers with the experience in building, expanding, and modernizing airports and airport facilities to meet the requirements of the future.  We are capable of providing design-build construction and general contractor services in Turkey, Iraq and all other Middle Eastern Countries. We have the right planners, designers, project managers, contractors, and owner-operators, and we remain committed to providing quality services in the development of aviation infrastructure in the Middle East. Furthermore, Gılgamış has the capabilities to offer maintenance services to meet the needs of a modern airport. We partner with the most skillful contractors who has a vast experience in the modern day airport and aerospace companies in order to support the quality of our services.

The user experience is a very important issue when designing a a facility within an airport. We build fort he passengers. From the arrivals to the departures, our professionals present their skills with empathy and we strive for the best user experience in the airport construction industry. Our logistics and phasing plans are designed to create a positive traffic flow and make construction invisible, allowing the traveler to enjoy the travel. We build fort he government and government agencies including military agencies.  While handling an aviation project, project coordination is so significant to deviate from the distruption to the current operations.  Gılgamış delivers safe, secure and high quality design-build construction and general contracting services.

Our team of professionals consisting of valuable engineers and architects has aviation construction experience with various delivery models in construction management including construction management, risk management, design build construction, general contracting as well as maintenance services including HVAC, janitorial services, waste management, Electrical Maintenance, Electro-mechanical maintenance and airport lighting maintenance. With this expertise, we partner with owners and provide optimal solutions for life cycle costs, schedule, phasing, logistics, safety, security and other key metrics.

General Contracting

As a general contractor, Gılgamış will be available as a single point of contact to the client from planning to completion. This close cooperation enables the experts to respond to the requirements quickly and flexibly.

General Contracting Services

Gilgamis offers design-build construction services for various projects in Iraq, Turkey and other Middle Eastern Countries.Expert in design-build construction, we have served in this role for companies, government agencies, military agencies and UN agencies.

Civil Works

We are highly experienced in foreseeing the problems and taking necessary precautions before they turn into burden over the budget of the project. We can review the issues with adequate time and evaluate the cost of the site issues before these issues cause the costs to double.

It’s a common consideration that the airport projects are very complex projects as there are a number of challenges which brings in the risks.  Globally, the aviation is a very important sector due to a couple of factors such as passenger transportation and logistics. In addition, the defense of the countries is also subject to the needs for the airport and related facilities.  As a result, governments allocate condirable budgets to the aviation sector. While working with Gılgamış Construction, we plan everything very closely at the project development phase in order to avoid time and cost overruns.  We identify the risks associated with a specific airport construction project and then we build up our plans and the projects in a way that we prevent our clients from the potential risks. We have the expert managers, engineering and architecture professionals as well as other specialist personnel to perform such projects.

Construction Management

Gılgamış is the right choice if you are looking for a qualified partner who will oversee and manage you construction activities along with the subcontractor management.


Today, Gılgamış has a well-established planning office with a highly specialized personnel and implementation structure to provide the highest quality for your projects per the Standard requirements. Gılgamış has an in-house architecture and design capacity with specialists with experience in all design stages…

Facilities Maintenance

As a leading operation and maintenance (O&M) service provider in the Middle East with a wide range of project experience portfolio in different sizes, we support our client’s facilities and project by quality and a full time responbility involving professional and highly qualified staff.

Gılgamış is dedicated to supporting the construction needs of the airport and helping to set new industry standards.  Our experience spans the entire construction process from pre-construction services through commissioning. Specializing in construction management, design-build and construction management-at-risk delivery, our scope has included terminals, aprons, roadways, parking garages, hangars and cargo facilities as well as airport maintenance services.