Gılgamış offers effective solutions for the foundations which requires specialist engineering skills at challenging environments in Iraq. We have a network of offices all through Iraq to support your projects with the most efficient methods for deep foundations. Gılgamış offers engineering and construction services for deep foundations and deep excavations supporting sturctures.

We pursue the emerging technologies and innovations to provide our clients to best practices for deep foundations and deep excavations supporting structures. Focusing closely upon the details, we have an approach to handle each project applying our engineering knowledge of the ground and its characteristics and finding cost effective and efficient solutions to our clients.

Gılgamış has in-house capacity with geotechnical engineers and construction managers who work together to find the solutions to the most challenging ground conditions. We customize and perform innovative solutions to ensure a seamless performance and ultimate project success. Considering the earth conditions,  it is significant that no ground conditions are identical which makes the solutions  more different than each other. Gılgamış specializes in bringing unparalleled thinking and construction solutions to each and every projects.

Our team of engineers has the experience in the involvement of the most challenging foundation construction projects including highways, hospitals, sky-scrapers, industrial facilities and airports. Our personnel are consisting experienced engineers and professional managers as well as the other technical personnel to perform any project.

Deep Foundations

Gılgamış offers bored piling, micro-piling, driven piling , CFA piling, and barrett piling works in the country of Iraq for your construction needs, providing economical load bearing and walling solutions to a wide range of ground conditions and applications.

Deep Excavations Supporting Structures

Gılgamış offers expertize in the deep foundations supporting structures including retaining walls, shoring, anchored walls, secant walls, cut off walls, micro-piled anchored walls, sheet pile walls and soil nails in Iraq for your construction needs.

Gılgamış offers cost effective solutions while reducing the time and risks in the construction process of the deep foundations and excavations in Iraq. Offering cost effective solutions through our expertize, we keep up with the timeline, budget and most of your planning fort he projects.