Gılgamış offers distinctibe office building construction, office building renovations or interior and exterior construction services for your business.  Gılgamış is more different than any of its competitors  with the integrated construction services  from the execution of a contract till the finishes. We are passionate company fort he success and a trustworthy company fort he honesty. 

We are dedicated to the success of the projects that we undertake.  Gılgamış  cares for your trust and is willing to provide first class construction services from the whole estimation process, to the bidding and contractual process.  We are committed to providing quality  services for the corporate interior and exterior construction projects.

Minimising the risks for your business, Gılgamış strives for maximum gains for both parties. In some conditions the offices should stay functional through out the project, therefore Gilgamis efforts much over planning in order to keep your business running as smoothly and effectively as possible.  Gilgamis adheres to health-safety and environmental standards and we invest in the training of our personnel. Our personnel are familiar with all of the required quality and HSE standards through out the projects, they are are highly trained to maintain a high level of surroundings awareness, which most definitely includes your still-functioning office complex; and in some cases you may also need our professionalism in understanding of those standards in order to prevent the delays in the contracts.

General Contracting

As a general contractor, Gılgamış will be available as a single point of contact to the client from planning to completion. This close cooperation enables the experts to respond to the requirements quickly and flexibly.

Design-Build Constraction

Gilgamis offers design-build construction services for various projects in Iraq, Turkey and other Middle Eastern Countries.Expert in design-build construction, we have served in this role for companies, government agencies, military agencies and UN agencies.

Gılgamış takes every effort to assure a successful and satisfactory completion of the projects when you contact us fort he construction or renovation of your Office.  We are aware of the significance of the time constraints and day to day goals and we provide a complete communication and professionalism. In the country of Iraq, Gılgamış has distinctive capabilities which you cannot see in other contractors. We are the right source fort he success of your project that Gılgamış has all the professional personnel, machinery and equipment, man power as well as other logistical capabilites to support the projects.  Our past proofs of both large and small projects always maintain a high level of skill, professional courtesy, and timely completion.


Today, Gılgamış has a well-established planning office with a highly specialized personnel and implementation structure to provide the highest quality for your projects per the Standard requirements. Gılgamış has an in-house architecture and design capacity with specialists with experience in all design stages...

Construction Management

Gılgamış is the right choice if you are looking for a qualified partner who will oversee and manage you construction activities along with the subcontractor management. It is a challenging matter to run a construction project in the Middle East as the market is extremely complex and subject to constant changes in the pricing option as well as the other regional conditions.

Gılgamış is dedicated to offer  quality office construction and renovation services which create exceptional working environment experience  for your employees.  We have the right professionals who knows that  a dynamic, practical and adequately efficient  atmosphere for all operations  is the essential goal in our construction process.  Up to date, Gılgamış has completed several projects at the end of which we have always seen happy customers. We are committed to exciting your employees and your visitors  when we handover your facility.  We consider each aspect of your projects that customer  flow, allocation of space and the sizes of the rooms will meet the needs as much as possible. Contact us and let’s talk about your office facility construction or tenant improvement project.