Gılgamış offers design, development, construction, operation  and the maintenance of the solar power plants. Depending on the captured  amount of the energy of the sun, Solar Technology can be commonly classified as active or passive and it can be used to support our energy consumptions at hour houses as well as the industry. 

Active solar technology includes equipment that directly converts the sun’s energy into electricity (photovoltaic panels), while passive solar techniques include such options as orienting a building relative to the sun’s rays or selecting materials with light-dispersing properties. Gılgamış offers solar energy solutions with our integrated team of engineers consisting of electrical, mechanical and materials engineers.

Gılgamış has expertize and knowledge regarding the photovoltaic (PV) devices which can be applied to the solar power systems. Our expertise encompasses  wafer-based crystalline silicon (single, poly or multi, and string ribbon), thin films (amorphous), concentrating photovoltaics-based on high-efficiency silicon or multi-junction solar cells and concentrating solar power plants.  We also provide consulting services for  failure analysis of devices, modules, and systems using material, mechanical, electrical and electronics, and thermal science and engineering disciplines, efficiency assessments related to device fabrication, low-cost packaging, throughput evaluation, and system topology, reliability evaluation and testing, research and prototype development support , regulatory consulting and exposure analysis during installation and use, as well as recycling/disposal at the end of life, literature reviews and studies designed to test the off-gassing of toxic materials from devices, epidemiology research, risk assessments, and best management practices.

Gılgamış has all the required  skills and experience  in order to design, develop, build and operate a successful solar power plant.  The professionals of Gılgamış has the right expertise  to choose sites and design  the project through the permitting stage, right up to the construction and operation of a generating solar power plant. Gılgamış offers a turnkey full-pack service for your projects and assures  that the projects are designed to generate power at the most competitive prices with minimal impact on the local environment.

Solar power is the best alternative energy resource for the future of the energy industry as it reaches to the world’s surface every hour. Basically it becomes the essential element of the long-term solution to the energy requirements. The market demand fort he solar energy is huge and not many energy companies touch this. The solar power is an economic choice as the the price of the fossil energy resources are increasing whereas the solar power technologies are getting cheaper.

Gılgamış Construction offers the installation of the solar power plants and we have the capabilities to provide both Photovoltaic (PV)m and Concentrating Solar Power (CSP).  We have the capabilities to develop projects, provide engineering, construct and operate a solar power plant. Both PV and CSP technologies are particularly efficient in areas with high solar radiation and are therefore  specifically very common in Turkey and it attracts the investors as a long term of investment of choice.

The energy from the sunlights can be converted into the electricity through the operation of a Solar Thermal Power Planyt. Concentrating Solar Power Technology produces electricity with its collectors to capture and concentrate the sun’s rays into high-temperature thermal energy which drives a conventional power cycle, such as a steam turbine or a Stirling engine, to produce electricity.The waste heat of CSP plants can be used for sea water desalination and as steam power plants. CSP plants can be combined with fossil energy sources.

The PhotoVoltaic Scheme for power generation from the sun-lihght. 

Our development teams consisting of expert engineers locate sites which pose the potentials required for the natüre of the projects. We then communicate with the local partners, secure land rights, power purchase agreements and provide consultation to the communities at the location in order to create awareness among them .  The integrated team of engineers also consult with the legal and financial experts for further assessments.


Gılgamış Construction offers engineering and design solutions for our respctive clients by increasing the level of capabilities to perform such services. Smart energy solutions include packaged services throughout the entire solar power plant lifecycle from project development, design and engineering, project financing and investment, system components procurement, balance of system optimization, and project construction management through operations and maintenance.

Our Professional engineers are capable of designing PV plants at any size depending on your energy consumption. Whether you need an resource to feed the industry or a city, we are dedicated to provide successful projects to meet the needs of the everyday life. With a commitment to optimize design, we go beyond standard plant engineering to configure PV plants that maximize project value.

By applying our experience and expertise to carefully configure PV plant parameters, we ensure that our PV plants deliver maximum financial results. We ensure this through the experience and expertise of our engineers, and through our access to highly efficient and quality in-house capacity. Besides reliability and durability, projects also feature an exceptional price-performance ratio.


Gılgamış has to capacity to offer  turnkey solar power construction services . Gılgamış design-build solar farm projects for our company and we can be a contractor for you to build your next solarfarm project.  We have a cost effective approach in the construction phase that we consider each aspect of your investment in order to avoid any future failures.  Gılgamış utilizes industrial standards which we utilize in our construction procedures.  We have a promise to complete the projects on time and on the set budget. We consider any factor related to the energy industry that a close colloboration with the development and engineering teams is the best asset that we have throughout the projects which enables us to optimize the design and the construction of the of industrial-scale renewable energy projects. It is our policy to use local contractors, for example for civil engineering works, wherever possible, but most commonly we utilize our own capabilities.


Gılgamış offers Professional services for the management of the solar  farms. We provide the best maintenance programs by giving close attention to the detail and careful monitoring of the contracted work. We move with the international standards while maintenaing the solar panels as well as the other facility equipment which will enable us to provide you cost effective solutions throughout the service that we provide.

It is essential for the performance and profitability of the projects that we offer a good operational and asset management for your solar power plant. Gılgamış has in-house capacity to provide the required engineering and management personnel in order to keep your plant running.  Normally we manage our sites, however we may provide such service to other companies as well.  Especially, we provide a warranty period for the farms that we build which includes the operation and maintenance of all the equipment.

We commission and test the systems and follow up the performance of the solar panels, keeping all the equipment functional and watch over the revenue power generation output at the highest levels. We also the records for the labour, spares and other consumables. Along with these aspects of our service, we also provide engineering service  to solve the site issues regarding the solar panels and the components as well as the procurement of the right equipment and spares.