Gilgamis offers design-build construction services for  various projects in Iraq, Turkey and other Middle Eastern Countries. We offer the alternates stating the reasons to the client. For instance, in some cases, the steel construction might be more appropriate than the concrete construction our vice-a-verca in accordance with the availability of the resources in the region by meeting the delivery timeline required by the client. Normally in the country of Iraq, Gılgamış has all the resources and equipment to provide concrete structures but steel construction may also be an option. Especially, when a fast deployment of military units is required, prefabricated units might be best option to accommodate thousands in a short timeline.

Once we make the decisions regarding the equipment and materials to be utilized, we submit the information to the suppliers for review. After careful evaluation of these submittals, we make decisions on specific types and sizes, which we use for ordering that equipment. This step helps to shorten the normal submittal process.

Concurrent with the system and equipment selections is the start of working drawings. The level of details included in Design/Build documents differs from that in traditional Design/Bid/Build working documents as it is explained in the paragraph below.

We issue working documents in multiple phases/packages (such as the site work, foundation, shell/structure, systems, and finish-out). This allows the drawings to get into the field as soon as possible. Some documents are prepared in much finer detail than normal.

For example, our firm prepares extensive underground conduit routing drawings, including all block out requirements for the electrical subcontractors. Our construction team also uses these drawings as field installation drawings for construction.

Expert in design-build construction, we have served in this role for companies, government agencies, military agencies and UN agencies. We have design and build the military facilities, water treatment facilities, storage areas, taxiway aprons as well as other çivil structures including motorways. Also for decades, our design and build specialists have delivered warehouses, offices, distribution centers, data centers,  and other types of commercial and industrial buildings in Iraq and all through Middle East.

The subcontractors’ representative shall visit our offices almost every day to review drawings, discuss installation methods, and make suggestions before going into the field. They would then take the latest available drawings out to the field with them. This daily control method helps our firm, as the prime contractor, stay on top of the aggressive fast-track schedule.

Our firm dedicates construction site administrators throughout the design process, and they visited the construction site weekly. These people are part of the design team, and therefore are able to answer site questions with knowledge of the team goals. The construction administrators meet with the construction site managers and subcontractors to overview the construction process and to be available to answer any project questions. This process eliminates the time-consuming request for information (RFI) process that you normally do on traditional Design/Bid/Build projects.

Up to now, Gılgamış has completed various projects in differents sizes utilizing Design-build construction process and we have a positive reputation in the market regarding finishing the projects meeting client’s needs. Since we have finished our first projects between 2003 and 2005, we have gained the experience the offer such an integration with architects, engineers, subcontractors, vendors and indeed the clients. We offer a safe and a reliable system to complete your projects.