Gılgamış  is a Middle Eastern, international construction services company and is a leading builder in diverse market segments. Gilgamis is the single source provider of Construction, Engineering, Procurement and Operation Maintenance Services. The company has earned recognition for undertaking large, complex projects, fostering innovation, embracing emerging technologies, and making a difference for their clients, employees and community.

Since 2003 , we have gained a well reputation in the sector starting with the contracts awarded at Al Anbar province IRAQ. Since the date it was established, our main goal is to provide services within the perspective of quality standards. Fortunately, our efforts to build up a well established firm has given its fruits within a short time with the increasing portfolio of contracts from our clients. We have undertaken projects with a number of staff changing between 500 to 1500 and we have managed and completed projects in different sizes and different natures.  Gılgamış clients the accessibility and support of a local firm with the stability and resources of a multi-national organization.


Gılgamış is committed to the health-safety and environment of its employees and for all who are involved in our projects.


Gılgamış ensures that our quality policy complying with the international laws and regulations will be implemented to meet those expectations with zero deviation.


Our corporate objectives will be updateD for a sustainable growth of the management mechanism and for a continued development.

We have undertaken projects with a number of staff changing between 500 to 1500 and we have managed and completed projects in different sizes and different natures.  Gılgamış clients the accessibility and support of a local firm with the stability and resources of a multi-national organization.

For well over a decade, Gılgamış Construction has undertaken an extensive government, commercial and municipal construction portfolio. Our success lies under the philosophy of providing high quality services without zero deviation from the standards and laws and in turn good feed-back from our clients. Being loyal to our clients resulted in building a solid portfolio and tight relationships all accross the region. We  mantle of hard work and authentic honesty. Basing the values onto quality standards as well as the compliance in health&safety and environmental standards in the projects, we, with a professional business vision,  have aimed to build up firm commitment with our clients  meeting the requirements with full compliance.

Gilgamis offers design-build construction services for  various projects in Iraq, Turkey and other Middle Eastern Countries. We offer the alternates stating the reasons to the client. For instance, in some cases, the steel construction might be more appropriate than the concrete construction our vice-a-verca in accordance with the availability of the resources in the region by meeting the delivery timeline required by the client. Normally in the country of Iraq, Gılgamış has all the resources and equipment to provide concrete structures but steel construction may also be an option. Especially, when a fast deployment of military units is required, prefabricated units might be best option to accommodate thousands in a short timeline.

Our Motto has been “BUILD ON US” and we have been giving a great significance on highly skilled and experienced professionals in order to build up a strong team to please the clients and indeed to make our motto meaningfull. In conjunction with the delelopment plan we do have career and training plan available to enstrength this ideal. Keeping the stream of human resources at  a fresh level and building up long term careers at department level, we manage to keep business machine running at all times.

Gilgamis has  succeeded in achieving the goals, and  grown into one of the most respected, and successful construction and supply chain services company in the Middle East. We established an excellent reputation in the market that we have a good feedback from our clients. It is significant that we have been keeping a customer satisfaction program to keep up with the quality.

Gılgamış has taken initiatives to offer renewable energy development services delivering solar and wind energy project.  Gılgamış  is based in Gaziantep, Turkey and is a company which has various construction operation from different industries. By means of renewable energy we have expertize in in the design, development, financing, construction and operation of renewable energy power plants in Turkey and other Middle Eastern Countries. 

Equipment Rental

Gılgamış offerrs construction machinery rental and maintenance services in support of the clients located in Iraq, Turkey and other Middle Eastern Countries  with a relocatable professional team of maintenance as well as operators and necessary staff to meet the client’s needs. We do have a lease and management plan to provide quality and safety oriented projection. By this manner, we do have necessary professionals for logistics, procurement , on site management, maintenance as well as operation of the equipment. In our equipment park at our Joint Logistics and Warehousing Hub in Middle East, we do keep adequate inventory of construction and transportation equipments with a spare parts support to meet the requirements. Furthermore, Gılgamış  has the capabilities to procure and deploy new machninery , equipment and vehicles utilizing our own logistics and freight system.

Gilgamis has the personnel, equipment and materials in place to immediately mobilize for projects of any magnitude.  We offer a full range of Turkey Design / Build Construction / O&M and Facility Support Services.  Our company is financially strong, fully capable of self-financing the projects and can furnish bank bonds and letters of assurance in any amounts required.

Today, we  take steps to expand our staff and build upon our experience and capabilities in the  operations to provide the same high quality construction services, supplies and project management skills to support our growing client portfolio. Through our professionalism and the firm commitments in the market, Gilgamis Group  is well positioned for a continued growth. To summarize our mission;

  • Provide high quality, reliable, technologically advanced and cost effective construction services to the construction industry in the fashion that exceeds our customers’ goals and expectations while fostering an environment that challenges and rewards the workforce.
  • Our vision is to be recognized as the most respected and dominant partner providing quality services to the EPCM industry.
  • Gilgamis  provides in-country senior management oversight of all projects with decision making and signature authority to resolve any issues that might arise during project performance.
  • Gilgamis  has created a strong code of ethics, by which we conduct our business.  We believe that honor and integrity are of the utmost value, and continually strive to ensure that our transactions benefit our clients in a professional, ethical and productive manner.