Military Construction Projects Iraq-FA8903‐04‐D‐8672

This work includes the contracting works for the construction of office headquarters, command control facility, militaryclassrooms, billeting, general’s quarters and including the maintenance shop and other utilities including HVAC systems, installation and duct work, fire protection utilities and all electrical works.maintenance shop. Work included new construction and partial demolition of interior doors and relocation of existing spaces; mechanical work included HVAC systems repair and installation of new duct work; fire protection work included modification of existing wet pipe system if any; electrical work includes removal and replacement of existing lighting, receptacles, conduit, etc and various telecom cabling changes to meet new standards through out the existing structures as well. . Antiterrorism/Force protection measures and sustainment mandates were incorporated with the work commenced.

Construction Materials Supplies

The contract was issued by U.S. Military at Camp Al Asad in 2003 and Gılgamış was interested in fullfilling the requirement for the purchase and delivery of commercial construction supplies and equipment items. All items were delivered successfully in support of U.S. Military during Operation Iraq Freedom.