Base Dump Facility Management -M68450‐08‐Q‐0139

Gılgamış provided solid waste collection and management of the base dump facility service (M68450‐08‐Q‐0139 and  M20133‐07‐M‐A049) in Iraq during the Operation Iraq Freedom.

The daily waste accumulated and hauled up was approximatle about 500 cubic meters per day and Gilgamis Group was to provide all required dumpsters and trash trucks capable of hauling 25 cubic meters each in order to facilitate the services. The containers were ranging between 30 cubic meters and 6 cubic meters with our own maintenance and wash capability utilizing a dumpster wash and repair team in addition to the trash collection personnel including supervisors, truck drivers and 2(two) helpers for each of the trucks. The acquisition was performed under NAICS code 562111 and awarded to Gilgamis Group with a firm fixed price. The initial contract was due to renewals and new task orders issued between 2003 and 2011 till the completion of The Operation Iraq Freedom.

The major experience that we gain during this operation is the industry specific conditions which required the significance of OSHA 1910/General Industry. The personnel including the supervisors, foremen, helpers as well as the truck drivers recieved specific training about the operations. Drivers recieved a training course regarding defensive driving techniques with a reference to base rules and regulations. Night operations were also included in the orientation of the personnel. Furthermore, a specific training was conducted about the bloodborne pathogens and regular waste and medical waste handling procedures.

Personnel protection equipment (PPE) was provided at no cost to the personnel. The trucking team was managed through a dispatch system which provided us the capability to overlook the overall truck movements during the operations. Record keeping, reporting as well as the daily personnel status procedures we processed in accordance with the contractual provisions which includes the FAR regulations and related U.S. Military regulations. Furthermore, a record was kept for the daily trash collection activities where we record each dumster cleared of trash and each cubic meter issued to the trash yard.

The segregation was primarily provided by providing separate trash containers for the use of base population. However, the majority of the waste collected was the regular waste generated from the DFAC facilities, military and labor camps; but there were minor activities for the waste generated at the hospitals and the clinics which were classified as the medical waste and these wastes were processed at the designated incinerators.

Eventually, Gilgamis Group completed several task orders and contracts issued for the same base and in diffent time scales with a zero incident service history. It is our success that we provided contractual compliance through out the services which has significant points about health and safety. Specifically, the service constituted an experience in environmental procedures for solid waste collection and remedy procedures.