The project consisted of the site adaptation and construction for the LGSU CAMP MAJIED AL ASAD IRAQ.At the moment, the installation is located within the region of Al Asad Airbase, located about 100 miles (160 km) west of Baghdad with a perimeter of more than 15 miles (24 km), and is the second largest USAF base in Iraq. The constructed buildings have been utilized as the home for the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF). Other major tenants have included the 82nd Airborne Division Advise & Assist Brigade, 321st Sustainment Brigade, VOD-1,[1] VAQ- 142, Navy Customs Battalion Juliet, elements of the Iraqi Army’s 7th Division, and the United States Air Force (USAF). The camp installation is comprimising of 300,000 square meters.

As the project was located at Al Asad Airbase, Gilgamis Group gained the advantage of its facilities including batch plants, testing laboratories and gravel processing facilities in addition to the construction machinery, Gilgamis Group was prompt to response to the majority of the materials and construction machinery with an inhouse capacity. Though the envrionment was challenging during the Operation Iraq Freedom, Gilgamis Group proved its skills in logistics to feed the other material requirements with a sourcing capability from the neighbouring countries as well as USA.

Furthermore, Gilgamis Group supported the project with a temporary labor camp meeting the standards including living units, ablution and sanitary facilities, etc…

The scope included management, planning, design, material, labor and equipment necessary to construct all utilities, road infrastructure and paving, buildings, force protection measures, site security, mine clearance activities and all other features as required to provide a completed and useable facility (Commercial and Instutional Housing Construction-NAICS code 236220). Site work and design to include, standard construction amenities such as underground utilities, site grading, electrical, communications infrastructure, detailing etc. was accomplished by Gilgamis Group. The work within this contract was performed in accordance with current U.S. design and International Building Codes (IBC), Life Safety Codes (NFPA-101), UFC 4-010-01, DoD Minimum Anti-Terrorism Standards for Buildings.